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The past year has seen many shifts and pivots in the healthcare profession, and we’re committed to pivoting with it! This includes how we structure our offered benefits for our employees.

When we looked at the health insurance benefits we’d be offering in 2022, a top priority was ensuring that the services available to our employees have evolved with the times, and the times are going virtual! People are looking for ways to make managing their health more convenient and more tailored to their personal needs, and for us, part of delivering that meant expanding the ways in which our employees can utilize their health insurance.

To make this happen, we added Primary360 to our insurance plan. Primary360 is a virtual healthcare platform that offers convenient access to high-quality primary care that revolves around you, your lifestyle, your needs, and your health. It enables the patient to select a primary care provider with whom they build an ongoing relationship and have access to a dedicated Care Team.

Through Primary360, patients can schedule annual checkups and ongoing wellness visits, and manage chronic conditions and other complex challenges. The access to quality healthcare services via video or phone, instead of having to go into a doctor’s office, is the type of innovation that we’re looking to bring to every aspect of the Mission Experience.

Employees enrolled in our health insurance can now take more control over their own health and wellbeing, from the convenience of their home, or their car, or wherever suits their schedule.

As we move through 2022, Mission Health will continue to look for more ways to deliver fresh new services to our employees, and to our residents. Whether it’s bringing new technology or care programs into the communities, or spreading the word about resources available to our employees, we look forward to seeing all the ways we’ll grow and evolve in the new year.

If you are a Mission Health employee enrolled in our health insurance, we deeply encourage you to utilize Primary360.

And if you’re not an employee at Mission Health…?

Check out our locations and our hiring page and consider applying! We’re hiring and would love to learn more about you!

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