Celebrating America Saves Week, 2022

America Saves Week

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Supporting the financial wellness goals of employees has become an increasingly important initiative for companies nationwide, including Mission Health. With the changes that have developed in the workplace over the past two years, more employees want increased flexibility and control over choices, including how they manage their earned pay.

Enter: DailyPay. Last year, we partnered with DailyPay to give our employees more access to their earned pay between paychecks. With the easy-to-use app and low fees for same day or next day transfers, DailyPay has been an important tool for Mission employees to use when unexpected expenses come up.

And now, we are excited to bring a week of additional resources to Mission employees (and tips and tricks to you, the reader). Through DailyPay’s partnership with America Saves Week, employees can enter to win gift cards, receive education around savings features offered through DailyPay, and reminders about financial wellness services that are available.
During America Saves Week, each day of the week has a special savings theme, including today’s theme: Save for the Unexpected. As the America Saves Week website points out, much of the language many of us grew up hearing around savings has a negative connotation. Phrases such as “emergency savings” and “rainy day funds” both imply that saving for the unexpected can only apply to negative situations.

But during America Saves Week, we are promoting the idea of saving for opportunities, too! As we move through this week of focusing on financial health and building our savings, let’s keep in mind the ways that savings funds can be flexible and fun!

One idea is to create an “opportunity fund” so that you don’t miss out on special moments, events, and activities that mean a lot to you.

You can also work toward shifting your mindset to think of savings as cyclical. Different practices will work for different people, but you may find that by setting up automatic savings through a platform like DailyPay’s AutoSAVE feature, you can release any shame around dipping into your savings account for unexpected opportunities (or emergencies).

We hope this blog has helped you get into a positive mindset, and that you’ll follow along with us on the Mission Health Facebook page (@missionhealthcommunities) for more America Saves Week tips throughout the week.

And remember: if you’re a Mission employee and want to learn more about DailyPay and their AutoSAVE feature, check out the employee resource app, or speak with your supervisor for more information!

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