As newly approved vaccines promise light at the end of the tunnel for the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, Mission Health is proud to be selected by the American Health Care Association and Brown University to take part in a new national trial to help determine best practices for rolling out the vaccines.

28 Mission Health communities in multiple states are taking part in the trial. 12 of these communities will receive “high touch” intervention, in the form of additional resources to help with persuading staff and residents to take the vaccine. The other 16 communities will serve as the control group, providing usual care.

Additional resources for the trial group include training of respected opinion leaders within each Mission Health location peers from nursing, CNA, housekeeping, and Dietary, as well as champions in the greater community, including faith leaders, medical leaders, and others. The Mission Health communities in the trial group will also receive $10,000 each to purchase additional antigen test kits, to help manage staff and patients who experience symptoms after vaccination; and assistance for people who are filling out consent forms, including a 1-800 hotline to address any questions and concerns.

Jacqueline Vance, Mission Health Senior Director of Clinical Innovation and Education, calls this trial an important step in the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines nationwide. She says, “The existence of multiple, effective vaccines less than a year after the novel coronavirus appeared in human populations is a true game-changer. These vaccines have been through rigorous clinical trials and independent scientific review to ensure both efficacy and safety. But now, it’s just as important for us to ensure that these vaccines are successfully deployed. It’s an honor for Mission Health to have been selected to take part in this important trial—and an opportunity for us to help public health officials determine the best ways for getting the vaccines to those who need them—which is everyone.”

Vaccination clinics for staff and residents are ongoing at Mission Health communities nationwide, in partnership with CVS.

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