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Let’s talk about thanks, and not just “thanks at the finish line” but thanking as we go. Particularly in professions that ask so much of our employees in the form of caring, dedication, and skill, ensuring that we share well-deserved praise on a regular basis is a key part of reaching milestones!

At Mission Health, we are always striving for excellence. We like to “level-up,” because we know there are always things we can do better for ourselves and for those in our care. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t amazing right where we are. It doesn’t mean our employees who continue to show up and deliver the Mission Experience each and every day aren’t already award-winning caliber!

By pausing to notice, value, and voice appreciation for the smaller, every-day actions of employees, co-workers, business partners, and anyone else your workday brings us into contact with, we can uplift each other and reach new levels of excellence. 

…While creating a better workplace for everyone!

As we get ready for Memorial Day Weekend, we want to take a moment to thank our employees and announce something extra special: we recently received the 2021 Employee Approved Award from NRC Health, recognizing the top five senior living communities that were identified by employees as having outstanding culture. It is a huge honor to have our culture of living our CARES values of Character, Attitude, Respect, Excellence, and Service be recognized not just by national organizations, but by our employees themselves!

We are the company that we are because of our employees. By continuously seeking out feedback and building on the success of existing programs, we are able to provide a work environment where everyone is encouraged to deliver their very best. And they do. For themselves, for their co-workers, and for the residents Mission serves, our employees exceed the “standard.” So a heartfelt thank you to our employees: for all that you do, and for working together with the company’s mission to yield award winning outcomes, we appreciate you!

And for the rest of 2021, let’s all continue to look for opportunities to thank one another. Whether it’s for holding the door, or covering a shift, or teaching us something new, let’s share in thanking each other for making the workplace an enjoyable place to be.

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