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Did you know that in some cultures, Leap Year is considered lucky? It is believed that in Chinese culture, the extra day in February provides opportunity for additional luck and positive events to occur.  

Good luck is certainly what you make of it – and most of us had to dig deep to find the positive during the last Leap Year, March 2020.  The Corona Virus had a world-wide impact – and life as we knew it, shut down. Our lives were put on hold, schools closed, and jobs lost with more than 23 million people in the US impacted. 

With limited access to necessities such as food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies – the panic of the shut-down shook us to the core.   Added to that worry, healthcare staff work life had become incredibly complex and draining causing incredibly large amounts of mental and physical burnout. In 2021, nearly half of Americans surveyed reported recent symptoms of anxiety and depression, and 10% said they felt their mental health needs were not being met. 

This blog entry is not to resurface trauma, but to help find a solution for mental health care during challenging times – whether triggered by events on the world stage or right there at home.  Here’s an interesting statistic.  Between 2019 and 2020, telehealth services spend increased from $306 million to almost $3.7 billion. The use of virtual mental health counseling increased from 1% in February 2020 to about 53% in April.  Virtual counseling found its wings and into the homes, businesses, and backyards for thousands of individuals who may not have had access to care.

Mission Health introduced telehealth services several years back.  Services such as virtual primary care, urgent care, and mental health counseling at no extra cost to employees with a company medical health plan. In 2024, Mission introduced First Stop Health as a next level virtual health care provider.  These services are not only for the employee, but also for family members – even if the family is not a member of the medical plan. Imagine virtual primary care, urgent care, and mental health counseling at no extra cost offering peace of mind and comfort when it is needed most.

Mission Health created The Mission Experience to ensure employees are heard and are recognized for their efforts. Mental health options were recognized as a critical component when caring for caregivers.  The stressors of caring for residents at work and family members at home can bring stress levels to a new high. However, with options like First Stop Health, employees can take a break, speak with a certified counselor, and identify ways to keep calm during their shift and identify what self-care may be needed off the clock. 

First Stop Health has helped change how Mission Health cares for its employees. 

Virtual primary care enables nurses to reach patients in remote or underserved areas where traditional healthcare services may be limited. Patients can access care from the comfort of their homes, increasing overall healthcare accessibility.

Virtual primary care allows nurses and caregivers to optimize their time by reducing administrative tasks associated with in-person visits. This efficiency can result in more time for patient care, improving overall healthcare delivery.

Particularly relevant to today’s times, when dealing with contagious diseases, virtual primary care minimizes the risk of exposure to infections for both nurses and patients.

Four years later and we have entered another Leap Year. We are blessed with lower unemployment rates, vaccines and medication to combat new infection strains, and fully stocked grocery shelves.  Clear signs of a lucky and prosperous year. So, let’s take this extra Leap Year Day as an opportunity to take care of ourselves – with virtual care and kindness. Have an incredible and memorable 2024 and make this the luckiest year yet! 

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