A Healthy Start to 2024 With Virtual Health Care

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As we usher in a new year, many of us are eager to prioritize our health and well-being. In the midst of technological advancements, virtual healthcare solutions have become increasingly popular, offering convenience without compromising the quality of care. Mission Health is an avid supporter helping employees meet their health goals. The skilled nursing world is physically and mentally demanding as employees are continuously on their feet and needing to help residents with standing, eating, getting dressed, and even using the restroom. There is not enough time in the day for an eight to 12-hour shift AND sitting in a doctor’s office for a routine, or physical therapy visit. So, what is the solution? Virtual health care!

Mission Health introduced Hinge Health several years ago to assist employees with virtual physical therapy for their orthopedic concerns. In the initial consultation, the patient receives all equipment from Hinge Health that supports a personalized treatment plan. The purpose of Hinge Health is to help Mission employees prepare for surgery, alleviate pain, and to simply feel like themselves again. The Mission Experience not only occurs during work operational hours but continues when you go home with the medical benefits that are offered to employees. 

 Let’s explore the benefits of virtual orthopedic care with Hinge Health, a leading platform that is revolutionizing the way we manage and improve orthopedic health for our staff.

The shift to virtual orthopedic care represents a significant transformation in the healthcare landscape, bringing about numerous benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. It has created convenience and accessibility by eliminating the need for patients to travel to a doctor’s office and needing to wait longer than anticipated for their appointment. The virtual platforms also provide access to consultations, follow-up, rehabilitation exercises right in the comfort of one’s home. Time is precious. No need to waste it in a doctor’s office.

Hinge Health is also cost effective. When Mission Health employees enroll in any Mission Health medical insurance plan, Hinge Health is added free of charge. Not only is this free for employees, it also eliminates any extra transportation costs on gas, buses, or Ubers. 

A healthy musculoskeletal system is essential for maintaining mobility and independence. Strong bones and joints enable individuals to perform daily activities, from walking and climbing stairs to more complex movements. CNAs, CMAs, and nurses are continuously bending over, lifting, and reaching throughout their eight to 12-hour shift. It’s important to participate in regular exercise to keep muscles strong and long-term joint function stable. Prioritizing orthopedic health involves proactive measures to prevent injuries and fractures. Strengthening bones and supporting structures through regular exercise and proper nutrition can reduce the risk of falls and fractures, particularly in older adults.

As the new year continues to progress, make this your “YES” year, where you say yes to living a healthier lifestyle and continue the ability to perform daily physical tasks while at your skilled nursing community. Schedule regular appointments and stay consistent with Hinge Health to ensure progress is being made. Set reachable goals and work with Hinge Health to achieve the goals. Mission Health included this special benefit to the Mission Experience because they know how strenuous the skilled nursing field can be and wanted to make sure all employees receive this benefit without having to pay an extra dime. 

As we embrace the opportunities of a new year, integrating virtual orthopedic care into our wellness routines can be a transformative step toward better health. With platforms like Hinge Health leading the way, the path to stronger, more resilient bones and joints has never been more accessible. Let’s commit to prioritizing our orthopedic health and making the most of the innovative solutions available to us in the digital age.

Head to the Yapp app today to learn more about Hinge Health and how to schedule your first appointment. Start 2024 pain free and feeling like yourself again. 

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