National Family Caregiver Month: Taking Time for Yourself

National Family Caregiver Month

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Caregiver burnout is real, not everyone understands it. Many caregivers go through it and often struggle to overcome it.

Throughout the month of November, Family Caregivers are being celebrated across America – and it’s the perfect time to recognize these special individuals. National Family Caregiver months provides a much-needed focus on the emotional, physical, and financial aspects of caregiving, the importance of ongoing education, and the unique support needed for caregivers as individuals.

Many families are the primary support for the elderly and people with disabilities in the United States. Most hold a day job along with providing care for elderly parents, a disabled child, or significant other. Research has shown that family caregivers find themselves carrying significant emotional, physical strain, as well as additional financial burden. This can contribute to the decline their own health as caregivers tend to neglect finding time to take care of their own health as most of their efforts go towards helping others.

Mission Health is proud to employ hundreds of caregivers throughout the 10 states in which we operate. The organization has created a portfolio of benefits to be sure that caregivers have what they need to stay happy and healthy – inside and outside of work.

One such benefit is the partnership with Working Advantage which allows all employees (full and part-time) to sign up for a discounted subscription to mental health apps such as Better Help (professional therapy), Calm, and Cope Notes. Each employee can take advantage of 57% off a 1-year Calm subscription which will help them slow down and take time for themselves. Take 10-minutes for yourself and use Calm to guide you through meditation and breathing exercise to alleviate stress, anxiety, and improve your sleep. The program also offers discounted gym memberships and/or subscriptions to help alleviate stress and to physically stay healthy.

Stress is not always a terrible thing because it helps us stay alert and increases performance. However, consistently high levels of stress can become a health hazard. So, how can you juggle work, being a caregiver, and take personal time?

Go outside and take a walk to clear your mind and breathe in the fresh air. Take in 10 slow and deep breaths. Stay as relaxed as possible and focus on your breathing. Click here to join Mission Health in a progressive 30-Mile Dog Walk, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, throughout November to raise awareness for cancer research and help find relief for caregivers like yourself and your loved ones! You can also keep a journal to write down your feelings. You may have some guilt feeling the way you do, so just let your mind flow on paper rather than saying it out loud. Check out our TikTok on ‘cleaning’ out your mind through journaling.

Through Mission Health’s medical insurance plans, Teladoc is included for FREE! This includes virtual primary care visits, certain specialty doctor visits, and even mental health appointments all from your home for FREE! This is a convenient option for caregivers that do not have time to visit a doctor’s office and still need to care for themselves. It’s an incredible virtual benefit that has seen great success for caregivers and others.

We encourage all employees who are caregivers to take some time for yourself and reduce stress. Thank you for being the strong support system that your family member needs no matter what role you may play in their care. And please remember to reach out to someone if you are struggling. You are not alone.

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