Mission CARES Awards Form

We do a World of Good together when we put our shared CARES values into practice, to enhance the lives of those we serve. Once again at this year’s Leadership Conference, we will celebrate our colleagues who make the world a better place by exemplifying these five values. Please read the chart below to determine the employee you believe represents us at our best and is deserving of a 2024 CARES Award.


All full and part time current employees are eligible for consideration, and employees of strategic partners such as Health Care Services Group, Powerback Rehab, and Morrison Foods are also eligible. The CARES Values Award Committee will review nominations and listen to your persuasive arguments as to why your nominee should be chosen for a 2024 CARES Award in April 2024. We are thrilled to be able to fly winners to the awards portion of this year’s conference. Selected award winners will work with their Administrator or RVP to book travel arrangements.

CARES Values and Beliefs


We will do the right thing for our residents, our co-workers and the company.  We will not let our residents or co-workers down.


  • We are dependable and maintain confidentiality.
  • We volunteer to assist our co-workers and residents when we observe that they need help


We have a positive attitude that people want to be around. We enrich our environment and enhance the culture of our communities.


  • We are consistently asking “how can I help you?”

  • We look people in the eye when speaking to them.


We all have a responsibility to our co-workers and our team to do our job well and in a way that contributes to our team. We respect each team member’s contribution.


  • We maintain a calm demeanor at all times

  • We listen to the other person when s/he speaks, without interrupting

  • We pay attention to our appearance by dressing professionally and wearing our name badge


We expect excellence in all we do, because those in our care deserve our best efforts at all times. By holding ourselves to the highest standard, and by fostering opportunities for personal and professional growth, we will maximize operational and financial performance.


  • We respond quickly whether it is a call bell or a phone call or email.

  • We ask questions if we are unclear of what we do.


Mission Health is dedicated to the service of our residents, our fellow team members and our communities.


  • We greet residents, visitors and co-workers when approached.

  • We are dependable and approachable, and we enjoy the work that we do.

Nominate your CARES candidate here:

Please fill out and submit this form before February 14, 2024.

2024_MH CARES form

Tell us about your Nominee

Please use this space to write how your chosen nominee exemplifies each CARES value. There must be one brief example of each CARES value in the narrative.