One Door Closes, Another One Opens: Season of Reflection

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A weeklong celebration for National Assisted Living Week kicks off Sunday, September 10 with celebrations until September 16th! There are more than 30,000 assisted living communities in America, and Mission Health is proud to have a community that will be recognized this week—The Residence at North Ridge in New Hope, Minnesota. This national holiday was created to provide a unique experience for residents, their families, staff, volunteers, and the surrounding communities to recognize the role of assisted living when caring for our nation’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. This year’s theme is “Season of Reflection” meaning we are welcoming the changing season and the opportunity for our AL community to celebrate their residents, staff, families, and volunteers.

So, what is the purpose of assisted living facilities? 

Maintaining independence is incredibly important for people as they age. Losing independence is one of the biggest fears and challenges seniors have. 1 in 5 American adults age 85+ have stated they either need or currently receive help with activities of daily living. Assisted living communities exist to offer a housing alternative for older adults who may need help with dressing, bathing, eating, and using the restroom. However, the residents do not need the intensive medical and nursing care that would be provided like a skilled nursing facility would provide. (See email note)

What are the benefits of assisted living?

Seniors move into The Residence of North Ridge due to the fact that they are not able to live completely independently. Now, not every senior can move into assisted living; they must require help with at least two daily activities but be able to walk or perform transfers—move from a bed to a wheelchair and back. According to “A Place For Mom”, for example, 43% of seniors who are currently residing in assisted living facilities need help with using the restroom, 49% need help with dressing and grooming, and 64% need help bathing. However, receiving the help they need is not the only benefit. Our residents will get more social interaction with staff, volunteers, and other residents while living in assisted living.  

What is the staff saying about The Residence at North Ridge?

55% of The Residence at North Ridge employees have stated they are satisfied with their jobs. Employee satisfaction is important to any industry, but it is especially significant in AL communities because our employees care for someone’s loved one. Many employees have complimented the communication within leadership. One employee stated they love The Residence at North Ridge because its leadership “respects us”. Another said the executive director will help all employees to improve their career with productive training. Small gains in employee satisfaction can relate to residents staying longer in that specific facility and can help improve the health of those residents. They have also stated that they love their jobs because of the incredible residents. If employees are happy, then residents are also happy.

At Mission Health and The Residence at North Ridge, we take pride in what we do and how we do it. Our staff is providing a listening ear and open arms to the residents that do not have families. This industry has given many staff members instant gratification of knowing the lives they changed. 

“I love to make a difference in the day”. —Cindy H, Life Enrichment Director 

“I feel good in the morning knowing I’m going to help someone who needs it. And my residents express their love and appreciation for me in the care I give is a good feeling.”—Ashley, Home Health Aide

“I have been with The Residence at North Ridge for 6.5 years; The greatest parts of my day are the residents, families & staff. The patience, love, support, happiness & kindness I see on a daily basis is overwhelming. The Residence at North Ridge is a family feeling all around. The commitment I see my team give is why it’s easy to come in every day.”—Amy Meinecke, Executive Director

This year’s theme, “Season of Reflection” will remind everyone to think about the important things in life and the impact staff has on each other, the families, and especially the residents. National Assisted Living Week takes the public behind the senses as an educational tool to demonstrate the lengths we go as care takers. 

Keep an eye out on The Residence at North Ridge and Mission Health Facebook pages to follow along with the celebrations! Thank you to our staff, volunteers, families, and residence for making a difference in the Mission Health Community and maintaining our CARES values, even on the hardest days.

Want to help celebrate with The Residence at North Ridge? Thank a staff member for their service, via Facebook, email, phone call, etc. They will appreciate your gratitude. 

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