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At Mission Health, we strive to provide meaningful benefits to support our employees and their families’ best lives. Like others, the organization offers traditional benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance, employee discounts, and financial wellness programs. That is just to name a few. BUT the most exciting part of utilizing Mission Health benefits is the nontraditional approaches that it provides including virtual care through Teladoc! 

Teladoc provides convenient and affordable healthcare that is easy to access at the point in time that care or treatment is needed – from wherever you are!  The bundle of virtual services has become quite popular with Mission Health staff, and Teladoc’s mental health support services and resources has rapidly trended as a valuable option.

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults will describe their mental health as only “fair” or “poor” including a large share of adults within their 30s? Also, 1 in 4 adults identified personal relationships and work, respectively, as major sources of stress. As most of us know, working in skilled nursing can be tasking and even cause burn out. 

We are human. We experience stress in and outside of work and of course, it comes out in different forms. Opening-up about it without the fear of judgement or rejection is the first step. Mission Health encourages coming together to break the stigma of mental health and the intimidation that may come with it. Talking to someone about struggles can make a person even stronger and can bring a bright light to the end of the tunnel. 

Mission and Teladoc understand that a healthy mind is paramount to a productive and happy life.  The ability to care for yourself from the comfort of your own home help takes the worry out of the extra steps needed for traditional therapy appointments. From the drive, traffic, waiting room time and cost, the virtual option is on that is well worth exploring. 

Mental health support for teens is a specialty unto itself.  While some people may dismiss a teen for being dramatic, or walk away from a sullen attitude, these may be signs that help is needed. Nearly 9% of teens will be diagnosed with anxiety and many more will experience depression.  Mission Health is pleased to offer a platform to assist teens through their concerns. It’s a personal, private, comfortable option for both the teen and parent as treatment plans and services can be resources quickly and effectively.

The more these kinds of resources are made available the more the stigma erodes. With a program like Teladoc, mental health care is always within reach. For Mission Health, these services can be found in our employee resource app (Yapp app) or can be downloaded via the Teladoc app. Mission employees also have access to other supplemental mental health assistance such as a discounted subscription to Calm for guided meditation, calming sounds, better sleep and other types of services like this one.

If you or a loved one are experiencing mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, reduced ability to concentrate, withdraw from friends and family, or anything that may seem out of the ordinary, please seek help! This can be a professional or speaking with a trusted friend or family member. Caring for staff is a top priority – and at Mission Heath, we are a company that CARES. We will continue to look after our staff with all that we can.

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