Why Satisfaction Surveys are Key to Survival in the Workplace

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Did you know that businesses are more likely to grow by 10% when using a Net Promoter Score measurement?

Quality, reliability, and efficiency are terms that we hear quite often when discussing customer engagement.  When aligning these indicators, it’s important to consider the skills and behaviors needed to improve service outcomes.

At Mission Health, we strive to exemplify the C.A.R.E.S. core values of Character, Attitude, Respect, Excellence, and Service.  These values have helped shape positive interactions with customers and develop relationships that matter throughout the healing process.   

How do we know that it works?  The organization routinely launches engagement surveys to encourage residents and their families to offer feedback regarding service needs and wants.  This way, the organization can regularly monitor its net promoter score, adjust accordingly, thereby creating the best Mission Experience possible and safeguard customer loyalty. 

Here are 5 reasons that satisfaction surveys are key to survival in the workplace:

1.     It differentiates your brand from other competitors.

We want our Mission communities to be a comfortable place to heal. It’s important to address concerns and issues with consistent rapport. The key is to create meaningful relationships through an environment where communication flows and issues can be resolved because of it.  Tracking resolution progress over time is also important. This sets a company apart from other brands; that by sincerely demonstrating care and understanding, relationships can be strengthened by “fixing the wrong”.

2.     Promotes positive branding.

Social media plays a very essential role when it comes to business branding and reputation. Whether a customer leaves a good or bad review, it reflects on the company’s reputation. However, it only takes one negative review to do damage to the brand, so it is important for the organization to have a fast response time and address each concern with care. One way to do this is for the company to prompt the person leaving the review to resolve it through a phone conversation or an in-person visit, making solving the issues more personable and genuine.

3.     Makes customer experience more personal.

It is vital for a business to realize the importance of net promoter scores and customer feedback. One of the ways to do so is to make sure both the happy customers and unhappy customers are contacted in person. It’s important to recognize the good just as much as what needs added attention. Understanding the customers’ perspectives by asking a range of specific questions gathers a comprehensive view how customers are viewing the organization based off their personal interactions. It shows a strong commitment to better service and a sincere approach to resolution.

4.     Figure out what isn’t working and right the wrongs.

Customer satisfaction surveys help a business to understand what is working and what isn’t, allowing the opportunity to improve on the negative. By giving your residents and their families the opportunity to share their opinions, you’ll begin to find new ways to explore business improvement, resolve service concerns, and retain loyal customers through providing optimal service and care. Loyal and satisfied customers not only help to spread a positive word of mouth, but they continually choose one brand over competitors.

5.     Ensures Operational Efficiency and Tracks benchmark progress for development.

Surveying customers is essential to evaluating how well your company is performing. Operational efficiencies and good customer service, together, create positive momentum.  Gathering this feedback regularly will allow an organization to compare data, adapt and adjust as need, and celebrate the improvement alterations that positively impacted residents and their families.


If you are a Mission Health resident or family member, be sure to look out for a phone call, email, or text heading your way soon!

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