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Mission Health is proud to have recently collaborated with Prophix for a piece on how our use of their software has enabled us to continue to improve the way we do business. Prophix is a budgeting and reporting software, which Mission uses to facilitate the entire budget process. To learn more about why we prioritized finding and implementing this software, we talked to Gino L’Altrella, Director of Financial Planning & Business Analytics for Mission Health, who was instrumental in making the change.

As a healthcare company with over 50 locations across the country, it is essential to have a budgeting process that is efficient and easy to use. Prior to our switch to Prophix, Mission Health used Excel for budgeting purposes, which required a lot of back and forth. Now, administrators of individual communities, Regional Vice Presidents, and the Home Office finance team can view all their necessary data quickly and simply, in one convenient place.

“Prophix is a huge time saver. It’s in the cloud, so we’re able to do a lot of broad adjustments in the system in real time,” said Gino.

In choosing which software to use, the Mission Health finance team took their time and looked at several options. Interviews and demos were conducted, and ultimately, Prophix had the best price for the best customer service, was user friendly, and felt like the right fit for Mission. All the software options that the Mission team, considered did similar things, but Prophix provided an important balance of all our various needs.

According to Gino, the finance team has also integrated Prophix with other Mission Health systems like PPE and COVID-19 tracking, Weblock, and more. Utilizing Prophix, Mission is able to see a daily feed of staffing hours by position and department, including regular time, overtime, PTO, and holiday hours. This added capability is particularly important for us as a healthcare company, as we continue to innovate and look for ways to better manage nationwide staffing challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The finance team is always looking for ways to make existing systems even better. Looking ahead, Gino says that the team is working on getting Point Click Care (PCC) integrated for cash collection, census, and accounts receivable. “Prophix has become a real hub for us,” he adds.

Mission Health is committed to forming lasting relationships with vendor partners that share our values. Our CARES values of Character, Attitude, Respect, Excellence, and Service are important to all aspects of how we do business, and according to Gino, “the respect that Prophix has for us and for our goals made it clear that they were the best vendor partner for us. They have a platform that is designed in a way that helps us facilitate our best service out to our communities.”

We will always be looking for systems and partnerships that enable us to improve the quality of service we provide throughout every level of Mission Health.

Click here to read more about Mission’s experience thus far using Prophix.

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