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What's cooking: Summer Edition!

Dear Residents, Families, and Staff—
When the thermometer rises — what’s on your menu?

As 2025 approaches, we’re building on the MH Cookbooks volumes 1, 2, and  3 with a request for a Mission Feasts – Summer Edition.

We’d love to collect your family recipes and any stories surrounding the recipe. web-based cookbook that can be referenced when you’re asking yourself, ‘what’s for dinner?’

The 2025 Mission Feasts; The Summer Edition will include sections for Starters, Entrees, Sides, Desserts, and Snacks. As we compile all of the recipes, we will call attention to the resident and community location from which they came.

CHILL: Mission Feasts Form

Please submit your favorite summer recipe(s) in the form attached. Photos of your creations are always appreciated.

Mission Feasts

Grab a snapshot, please

Visual aides are helpful! An image can help the person following your recipe to see a final version of it in all its deliciousness.