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Whether your financial questions sound more like, “How much money do I need to retire?” or “How can I make more money this month?” it’s safe to say that we’ve all considered our financial future at some point recently.
You may not know this, but April is Financial Literacy Month, where we focus on educating people about the importance of planning for a secure financial future. Individual goals will inevitably look different, and at Mission Health, we are invested in helping our employees identify and maximize what that plan looks like for them.

As part of our commitment to supporting healthy financial futures for our employees, Mission Health partners with DailyPay: a service that allows employees more control over when, where, and how they access their earned pay. This program was in the works long before the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted everyone to pivot and re-evaluate priorities, and for us, DailyPay remained a priority. We rolled out this new optional benefit in the second half of 2020, with rapid uptake across our communities in the first few months. While not all everyone will have a reason to fully utilize the DailyPay services right away (or possibly ever), the partnership brings our employees access to many additional benefits..

Including Financial Literacy Month resources!

From balance boosting giveaways, to access to free financial counselors, Mission Health is proud to be able to connect our employees with the valuable resources they need to maximize their financial goals for the future.

If you’re looking to continue your career in the healthcare profession (or start one!) and all this sounds like a great perk to you, we’d love for you to check out our locations and current job openings! But beyond our constant excitement over welcoming potential new members to the Mission Health team, a focus on financial literacy is important because the financial health of an employee has ripple effects that may not seem obvious at first. The healthcare profession relies on staff who dedicate their time, attention, and skills to caring for some of our nation’s most vulnerable. At Mission Health, we believe that it’s our employees—delivering the Mission Experience every day—who differentiate us. An engaged, cared for employee is able to give the quality service that our residents and patients deserve. But those are just words if they aren’t backed by action and support from the company. So really, it’s how we support our employees that matters!

Offering DailyPay, and the host of financial planning resources available through the platform, is one ways we make life easier for Mission employees, but it’s not the end. Our goal as one of the 2021 Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay (and beyond) is to drive employee engagement through a suite of employee assistance resources that put our staff first. So, if you’re a Mission Health employee reading this, be sure to check out the MH Employee Resource App to learn more, and if you’ve stopped by for inspiration on how to continue to innovate and support employees at your own workplace, we highly recommend a deep dive into financial resources that can empower employees.

When someone asks themselves, “How am I doing financially?” we want the answer to be “Great!”

…And then we give them the tools to do even better.

There’s no wrong way to start thinking about your financial future, so let’s get smart about how we talk about money. Let’s empower employees by giving them the tools they need to succeed during Financial Literacy Month and beyond!

Check out what’s new with Mission Health! We have paired up with Capella University as our career education partner for an exclusive offer for our nursing professionals that you don’t want to miss out on. Want to advance in your career? Well now you can! FOR FREE!

For those who are new to Capella University, Mission Health has partnered with Capella to provide all healthcare professionals with COMPLIMENTARY access to many tools and resources on how to advance their careers in the skilled nursing field. There are also discounted options for tuition programs for skilled nursing professionals to be able advance their careers and/or maintain their license.

One such complimentary program that we at Mission Health are particularly excited about is Capella University’s new “Mask Up” appreciation campaign to recognize the hard work of healthcare professionals, which specifically benefits nurses who would like to take advantage of free CE courses.

For those looking to further their career with scheduling they can control, Capella University also offers a FlexPath option where you can easily earn your degree on demand! You can set your own deadlines, manage costs, and leverage your personal experience to advance at your own time and budget. At Mission, we believe that with the busy life that comes with the healthcare field, our employees deserve access to an education that fits the way they live today. FlexPath allows each individual control over their own education at their own pace. Programs that are available include degrees focused on pursuing Business Management, Education, Health Care Administration, Information Technology, Nursing and Psychology.

Once you are accepted into the program, you will be matched with your own enrollment counselor who will personally work with you throughout your admission process. This gives every individual the opportunity to be able to share their professional goals and explore programs that best suit their needs, walk through program details and course expectations, and also get a cost breakdown and specific info about financial aid and ways not to break the bank…or your wallet!

Here’s what Tina Thomas, Mission Health’s Senior Vice President of Operations has to say about Mission’s partnership with Capella University:

At Mission, we want YOU to put yourself and education first by staying emotionally healthy during uncertain and trying times. An online degree is a powerful and effective path to get yourself there! New webinar offerings through Capella are catered to everyone with effective tips on how to stay balanced, resilient, and connected. Some webinar courses that are offered to Mission Health employees include a variety of topics ranging from how to strategically manage and plan new goals in your career, successful leadership development, mentorship, or managing your well-being in the workplace.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit the home page of our website and find the link listed “Mission Health & Capella University,” then scroll down to the “Exclusive CE Content” section. Or you can check out the Mission Health Employee Resource App (and/or the Mission Living Employee Resource App) for more details! 📲

As newly approved vaccines promise light at the end of the tunnel for the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, Mission Health is proud to be selected by the American Health Care Association and Brown University to take part in a new national trial to help determine best practices for rolling out the vaccines.

28 Mission Health communities in multiple states are taking part in the trial. 12 of these communities will receive “high touch” intervention, in the form of additional resources to help with persuading staff and residents to take the vaccine. The other 16 communities will serve as the control group, providing usual care.

Additional resources for the trial group include training of respected opinion leaders within each Mission Health location peers from nursing, CNA, housekeeping, and Dietary, as well as champions in the greater community, including faith leaders, medical leaders, and others. The Mission Health communities in the trial group will also receive $10,000 each to purchase additional antigen test kits, to help manage staff and patients who experience symptoms after vaccination; and assistance for people who are filling out consent forms, including a 1-800 hotline to address any questions and concerns.

Jacqueline Vance, Mission Health Senior Director of Clinical Innovation and Education, calls this trial an important step in the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines nationwide. She says, “The existence of multiple, effective vaccines less than a year after the novel coronavirus appeared in human populations is a true game-changer. These vaccines have been through rigorous clinical trials and independent scientific review to ensure both efficacy and safety. But now, it’s just as important for us to ensure that these vaccines are successfully deployed. It’s an honor for Mission Health to have been selected to take part in this important trial—and an opportunity for us to help public health officials determine the best ways for getting the vaccines to those who need them—which is everyone.”

Vaccination clinics for staff and residents are ongoing at Mission Health communities nationwide, in partnership with CVS.