North Ridge Health & Rehab

Home after a whirlwind week in Wichita and KS City. A Thank You Tour, to say Thank You to those who aren’t thanked nearly enough. Our nursing home administrators, our directors of nursing, and our regional Vice Presidents to name a few. Those who work tirelessly, supporting their staff and caring for their residents. Every day, with or without a pandemic. Feeding, bathing, and comforting those who needed it the most, as this pernicious virus swept through our nation, leaving utter devastation in its wake. You never asked for a thank you. Never wanted any credit or glory. You only wanted to ensure that your residents and staff were safe.
There will never be a way to repay you for going days without seeing your own family, while you cared for others. For working the night shift passing meds, instead of tucking your children in. For reassuring your staff that everything was going to be alright, while you cried alone in the bathroom so no one would see or hear, because some days, the devastation was just too much. 

East, West, or Central, from Kansas City to Colby, and the thirty facilities in between – We love you. We adore you. And we thank you. Today and every day.

Mission Health, the largest skilled nursing provider in the state of KS.